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Category: College Essays

How to answer “Why this college?” supplemental essays

Written by Kendall Hayes on August 12, 2017

“Why this college?” seems like a simple question, but it usually proves to be the most difficult of supplemental essays for students.   Everyone’s natural inclination is to regurgitate facts about the school. Students tend to write sentences that have little insight, such as, “You have a gorgeous campus” or “I love that you are […]

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Brainstorming College Application Essays

Written by Kendall Hayes on July 13, 2017

Dread it or love it, college application essays are a crucial aspect in applying to colleges.   Your essay provides an important opportunity for you in the college admissions process, bringing a one-dimensional application to life and differentiating you from other applicants. Particularly for the more selective schools, your college application essays carry as much […]

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6 Simple Don’ts in Writing Personal Statements

Written by Jennifer Taylor on June 27, 2017

  College application personal statements are the single best way to introduce college admissions counselors  to high school students beyond their transcripts and the college application. Think of it as a way for counselors to hear your voice and to show them a glimpse of who you are. Understandably, this kind of writing can be […]

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